December 29, 2008

Body Tools: Push-Ups & Pull-Ups

Push-Ups & Pull-Ups are some of the most effective body weight exercises one can do. The best part being they build real and stable everyday strength. Pull these exercises from your routine and try this.

Greasing the groove; think in terms of practice sessions. This program should be done for 10 to 12 weeks. Perform it 5 days a week, up to five sets a day- 1 set will do...
The goal is to improve technique. Think quality!

Explanation: If you can do 10 Pull-Ups in your best set, and maybe do 7 or 8 in consecutive sets. So you Practice with 1/2 your normal 1 set max: (5 in this case) Rest at least 3min between sets. The idea is to be fresh with great technique. Do not do these during the rest of your normal routine! 2 sets in the morning, 1 at lunch, and 2 more in the evening is ideal. I you can only do one a day--do it in the morning. Retest your single set max every 2 weeks.
You must discipline yourself to slow down and perform these as perfect as possible...Otherwise this is pointless.

This exercise routine can also help one break plateaus without destroying yourself, as is so often taught be the drug pumping freaks. Be firm and gentle. Your body is good at it's job, you just need to learn how to teach it...

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