February 24, 2009

To Write?

Having chosen to write for this blog has been an odd experience for me. The posting of ideas is not strange, nor is sharing my thoughts- as I am generally quite opinionated...
No the oddity is my unrealistic expectations about response or feedback. There has been none and I'm not sure how to manage this. Do I boldly go forward in the hopes that somehow this work will serve some purpose someday? Or do I simply accept that it serves no purpose and I use it as a learning experience?
These questions I have been unable to answer myself, and outside input seems somehow out of reach. How dose one make use of the experience for learning alone?
Not sure kids. I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone...

February 6, 2009

Keys to a Long Healthy Life

  • Buy a Juicer and use it daily.

  • Supplement every day.

  • Once a season, do a 5 day Cleansing and Detoxification Program. Periodic cleansing ia a key to a long healthy life.

  • Move for one hour every day. Sweat.

  • Stop watching television.

  • Wear cotton and other natural fibers.

  • Eat more Raw Fresh Foods and cook in only stainless steel or glass.

  • Drink only plain purified water.

  • Walk barefoot and Breathe Deeply.

  • Begin and End each day by saying, "It's great to be alive and I love myself and I love my life."

  • Help someone everyday.

  • Throw Out or Give Away 1/3 of everything you own. Bury your possessions before they bury you....

  • Pray and Meditate.

  • Learn 1,000 jokes and Laugh.

  • Love, Love, and Love more...

By Daniel Mark Hardt N.D.


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