May 27, 2009

Feel Better Fast!

You can feel better first thing tomorrow morning by doing two simple things.
  1. Drink 3liters of water- One at breakfast, one through the afternoon and one more in your last hour before bed. Feeling better has many aspects, energy, mental attitude and over health. Better hydration is one low cost way to have that fast.
  2. Take 1000mg. of high quality B-complex. Consume one with your morning meal, and another at the end of your day with water.
Feeling better is about the choice to do so. That means actually taking these simple steps to improve your health fast. Not saying that you should get around to that... Feeling better starts with two fast steps today- all for $15 or less.
Make your choice to exercise your options, to really feel better fast today! The choice is yours

May 25, 2009

Eugene Parkour Group

Me and my good friend Tim, have started a Parkour group. Training, information sharing, support and a constant commitment to safety. Please visit us at Eugene Parkour.
Happy Training and keep running!!

May 22, 2009

Eugene Parkour?

Well everyone... Tim has finally driven me to such a point of fervor that only some attempt at forming a Parkour group will satisfy. Yeah, so we are going to take a swing at this.
Rules; yes we must have some. 1-no one cares what you do at home, but you have to show up SOBER. I have zero interest or tolerance for dealing with the impaired in such a situation. 2- Must be over 18 years old. I don't care if your mom is cool with it, she would still sue me if it all go's south.
So everyone get your light kicks on, we'll be running soon...

May 21, 2009

Protein Price

Protein is arguably the second most important factor to reasonable health, and great fitness. The very word "PROTEIN" ; means most-important. Now aside from quite expensive Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, how do we get the good stuff we need? Beef is expensive, chicken can get boring fast... So having seen this cool article in Men's Fitness-June/July '09 I thought this would be awesome to share with all of you. Mind you, I think there is only 3... So save money and introduce some variety in to your diet, all while getting the protein you need!

Average Cost of 10gm.s of Protein;
Black Beans $.13
Turkey $.14
Chicken Breast $.24
Eggs $.26
Whole milk $.30
Ground Beef $.34
Ham, Boneless $.40
Cheddar Cheese $.43
Peanuts $.44
Sirloin Steak $.69
Cottage Cheese $.96
Soy Milk $1.26
By; Sara Vigneri

May 13, 2009

From one of the Masters

"A Traceur wants himself to be an imagination, a constant invention"
-Sebastion Foucan


Having long helped others with their fitness & nutrition questions; I have decided to achieve a Personal Trainer Certification. Although I am currently unsure of my desire to continue with Fitness Training as a long term career choice, maintaining the skills to do so is embraced-
So I've chosen A.C.E. as my certification of choice. They have over 20 years of training fitness pros and a almost unblemished record. Secondly, they are recognized as gold standard worldwide, behind only the A.C.S.M...
So everyone keep they're hopes up for me as I enter these last couple months of study before testing and certification.

May 4, 2009

Ground Work

As I continue to make my way in Parkour, and general fitness as a whole- one thing continues to be a priority for me. Ground work; running is the general idea here. But so much more is contained within this definition for me. Quadrupedal movement in parkour is essential and a difficult work out. Most anyone looks at it and thinks "that's nothing, I can do that easy!" This occurs because it should be easy. Yet it is not... The strain and C/R challenge is surprising and more. The idea that it is easy, comes from the fact that moving on all fours is primal- you did it a lot as a child. So why can't you do it anymore? Simply because you no longer do it. Kinda sad huh?
I do not run as often a I could. I have my own forms of laziness, just like anyone else. I have the best legs in my circles, but bicycling would be tough for me over long distances. Simply cause I rarely do it.
Try these simple ones, and get on with moving. Maintaining simple Ground Work will pay dividends through the course of your life and relationships.

Thanks and Keep Jumping!

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