December 28, 2008


A new link has been added to the site.
Youngevity is the new incarnation of American Longevity. At this time I am reconsidering building A business w/ them for the benefit of us all. J.D. Wallach(owner/founder) is one the great nutritional minds of our time and is thereby a valuable resource to interact with. Youngevity is structured as MLM biz, ups&downs as some of you may know. But the advantage is that by doing so I would be able to futher assist those of you who may be interested in taking a more involved approach to you nutrition.

Please look into their products and programs, as will I, and let me know if you have any feedback. I will be making the decision within 10 business days. Commentary on the Rockwell mine and Wallach's products to follow before the final decision.

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