January 3, 2009

The New Year

Well, we've made it. At least for now. This last year has been one of my hardest and yet one of most fruitful on a personal level. On a fianancial and professional level I found my efforts lacking. Hate to admit it but I missed a lot of stellar opportunities. Let it be said that this has only galvanized me in way I never have been before.

10 things that served me well this year;

1 Drinking no less than 3 liters of water a day.
2 Having at least one cup of organic Green Tea a day.
3 Running a mile, really running-not jogging.
4 Learning to be well mannered at all times; not being reactive to others.
5 Being really completely sober.
6 Taking all the best supplements, not being cheap with my health.
7 Making time to workout, everyday. Everyday.
8 Streaching more, and more often.
9 Abiding by my Metabolic type diet; i.e. taking my own advice.
10. Being gentle with myself and others.

Now I made some mistakes. I had some stellar wins too. Consider my advice and take your own as well. Trust yourself a little more, your body and mind are good at their job You just have to feed them quality fuel and use them wisely.
Be good to yourself and others this year. Remember, they'er not as smart as you think
you are...

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