December 29, 2008

Body Tools: Push-Ups & Pull-Ups

Push-Ups & Pull-Ups are some of the most effective body weight exercises one can do. The best part being they build real and stable everyday strength. Pull these exercises from your routine and try this.

Greasing the groove; think in terms of practice sessions. This program should be done for 10 to 12 weeks. Perform it 5 days a week, up to five sets a day- 1 set will do...
The goal is to improve technique. Think quality!

Explanation: If you can do 10 Pull-Ups in your best set, and maybe do 7 or 8 in consecutive sets. So you Practice with 1/2 your normal 1 set max: (5 in this case) Rest at least 3min between sets. The idea is to be fresh with great technique. Do not do these during the rest of your normal routine! 2 sets in the morning, 1 at lunch, and 2 more in the evening is ideal. I you can only do one a day--do it in the morning. Retest your single set max every 2 weeks.
You must discipline yourself to slow down and perform these as perfect as possible...Otherwise this is pointless.

This exercise routine can also help one break plateaus without destroying yourself, as is so often taught be the drug pumping freaks. Be firm and gentle. Your body is good at it's job, you just need to learn how to teach it...

Protein Requirements

One of my easiest fixes for the sick and asleep is teaching them to eat the appropriate amount of protein. The bulk of you people (all of you) do not get enough. Period. Stop stammering you do; you don't. This conversion came out of Men's Fitness in May '04. I like it because the figures fit and there is no conversion to Kilograms first. The Other fine feature is that you can adjust it to your needs. Future posts will discuss high VS low quality proteins.

Activity Level: Weight(in lb.s) X Grams of Protein per day

Weight Lifter __________ X 0.77=
Endurance Athlete __________ X 0.64=
Weekend Warrior __________ X 0.58=
Office Drone __________ X 0.36=

And Remember: If you are sick, dying, or have particular problems- call your doctor first.

Always meant alot to me...

Here's the creedo of the unskilled-but-deeply-handy-man;
Okay, maybe I can't be famous and earn a fortune and maybe I can't protect them from illness and bad luck.
But I can sure as hell can drive them to the airport and fill their cars up with gas.
Maybe I can't fix the leak in the bathroom, but I can sure as hell believe in us and notice the enchantments of the world and share my strength and delight.
Maybe I can't fly like an eagle, but I can sure pull like a mule. That I can that I will.
-Hugh O'Neal-

December 28, 2008


A new link has been added to the site.
Youngevity is the new incarnation of American Longevity. At this time I am reconsidering building A business w/ them for the benefit of us all. J.D. Wallach(owner/founder) is one the great nutritional minds of our time and is thereby a valuable resource to interact with. Youngevity is structured as MLM biz, ups&downs as some of you may know. But the advantage is that by doing so I would be able to futher assist those of you who may be interested in taking a more involved approach to you nutrition.

Please look into their products and programs, as will I, and let me know if you have any feedback. I will be making the decision within 10 business days. Commentary on the Rockwell mine and Wallach's products to follow before the final decision.


The picture was removed due to editing problems. All things considered, it makes no real changes; other than for me...
Any suggestions from the peanut gallery will be considered.

December 23, 2008


It should be said at this point that although I do believe we should do what can be done to care for ourselves, and our loved ones; we need not be perfect.
My only point being choose your vices. Caffeine, Nicotine, Processed Sugars(yes they count) and any other such entertainment(going unnamed at this time). So choose your vice- you get only one. Sorry... Be good to yourselves, Again Soon...

December 19, 2008

Opening Ideas..

This is first and foremost a ongoing learning experience. Ever the beginners mind and a ongoing effort to maintain the beginners body. I have had a long term dream to be able to jump the hood of a car in a hop, not a running leap. So far the attempts could be called dismal...
But I have gotten over a motorcycle- once.
So, I am in the process of getting my Personal Trainer cert. I choose A.C.E. due to their long history and the simple reality that the IBBF is so deeply connected to drugs. All natural in this camp! I test in May of this year, and I look forward to informing you all of my success in the matter. My next goal is a S.M.A.C. from ISSA.
I am employed at a N.D. clinic as a clerk and fitness consultant. I have been working on and off as a nutritional consultant for 9 years now. Payed the bills, sold supplements, love the work...

It is my hope to share Fitness, Nutritional, Men's and Women's health information with the world for no cost but my effort... Secondly,and probably more humorously my newly dedicated focus to achieving my jump goal. All and any training info will be shared along the way.
This jump madness is linked with a learning/exploring of Parkour.

It is my ardent hope that further information may be provided from a C.N.P. and a N.D. Cross your fingers for me...

That's all for now-More Soon Come back

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