December 19, 2008

Opening Ideas..

This is first and foremost a ongoing learning experience. Ever the beginners mind and a ongoing effort to maintain the beginners body. I have had a long term dream to be able to jump the hood of a car in a hop, not a running leap. So far the attempts could be called dismal...
But I have gotten over a motorcycle- once.
So, I am in the process of getting my Personal Trainer cert. I choose A.C.E. due to their long history and the simple reality that the IBBF is so deeply connected to drugs. All natural in this camp! I test in May of this year, and I look forward to informing you all of my success in the matter. My next goal is a S.M.A.C. from ISSA.
I am employed at a N.D. clinic as a clerk and fitness consultant. I have been working on and off as a nutritional consultant for 9 years now. Payed the bills, sold supplements, love the work...

It is my hope to share Fitness, Nutritional, Men's and Women's health information with the world for no cost but my effort... Secondly,and probably more humorously my newly dedicated focus to achieving my jump goal. All and any training info will be shared along the way.
This jump madness is linked with a learning/exploring of Parkour.

It is my ardent hope that further information may be provided from a C.N.P. and a N.D. Cross your fingers for me...

That's all for now-More Soon Come back

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