December 29, 2008

Protein Requirements

One of my easiest fixes for the sick and asleep is teaching them to eat the appropriate amount of protein. The bulk of you people (all of you) do not get enough. Period. Stop stammering you do; you don't. This conversion came out of Men's Fitness in May '04. I like it because the figures fit and there is no conversion to Kilograms first. The Other fine feature is that you can adjust it to your needs. Future posts will discuss high VS low quality proteins.

Activity Level: Weight(in lb.s) X Grams of Protein per day

Weight Lifter __________ X 0.77=
Endurance Athlete __________ X 0.64=
Weekend Warrior __________ X 0.58=
Office Drone __________ X 0.36=

And Remember: If you are sick, dying, or have particular problems- call your doctor first.

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