January 17, 2009


Run you fools! I don't see anyone running or exercising at all. You do not need a gym membership to use your body in a effective way, or to exercise it. I am also of the opinion that gyms are detrimental, or just non-effective, for most people. Being high pressure and often full of drugs. Go natural! So many of us, mostly males do this, just buy some cheap weight-lifting equipment and try some curls once in a while. This is not enough. Squats are far more useful in the long run and a better whole body exercise anyways...
But cardio -Whatever your flavor- will pay dividends in the long run. Overall health is really what matters the most, and cardio-respiratory is the most beneficial if your only have time for one type of exercise. By all means diversify. But do something!
I whole-heartily endorse running. Unless otherwise indicated by your health care provider or personal situation. So get out and do something. Run, bike, swim or just play. No matter what- bring your A-game and make it count.

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  1. Completely Agree!!!!!! Although you missed something. TURN OFF YOUR TV AND VIDEO GAMES. :P


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