January 12, 2009

Clean Drinking Water

Water consumption, in proper quantities, is one of the simplest ways to live a healthful and energetic life. It is also one of the most over looked. A lot of professionals have made statements over the last few years that sodas, teas and other such processed drinks provide hydration and nourishment. Not true, entirely... Although several main stream products may provide a quality level of hydration, they are often detrimental in doing so.

How can they offer quality hydration and be detrimental? Simply by the ingredients they contain; salt, processed sugars/high fructose corn syrup, low quality minerals&vitamins. Adding any additional factors to a drink asks more of your body to make use of it. Or to simply pass it. Sugars, food dyes, caffeine, and even minerals/vitamins require the body to use digestive co-factors and enzymes to pass them. The body does such with all intake, the difference being absorbed or passed. So the body wastes the water passing the junk and not getting hydrated. This can be expensive, in the sense that the body gets to use very little of your food as food- it must use it to process toxins. How about minerals&vitamins? Almost all are of extraordinarily low quality. These companies, read all, know you are looking for your nutrients, they know you are a informed consumer, they know you will pay more. The nutrients they include are junk. Often derived from rocks, yes rocks. The difference being that your body cannot digest rocks. Pass yes, digest no. So although they do provide liquid, and there-by hydration, such drinks are harmful because they must make the body work extra to pass them. Often this can even result in greater thirst due dehydration from sodium intake, high digestive effort, and this simple fact that caffeine is a uretic. Also, cheap vitamins/minerals require mineral co-factors to even be passed, the body gets these by leaching them from the gut wall and bone tissue. Now I keep saying "passed or pass". Yes, that means waste, gone down the hole. Along with the extra money you spent to get the better product.

Bio availability is key. When you ingest these junk products you body gets nothing and has to expend resources to pass them. Conclusion: They do more harm then good.

What about water? Clean, unsalted, dye-free, flavor-free, no added nothing. Allow your body to have simple water and it will do it's job quite well. 3 to 5 liters a-day is plenty. Do not drink this all at one time, of course. Any consumption should be spread out through the course of the day, as best suits your lifestyle. Extra exercise will increase demand on the body, and there-by require greater resources to perform the tasks you ask of it.
Be good to yourself...

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