February 6, 2009

Keys to a Long Healthy Life

  • Buy a Juicer and use it daily.

  • Supplement every day.

  • Once a season, do a 5 day Cleansing and Detoxification Program. Periodic cleansing ia a key to a long healthy life.

  • Move for one hour every day. Sweat.

  • Stop watching television.

  • Wear cotton and other natural fibers.

  • Eat more Raw Fresh Foods and cook in only stainless steel or glass.

  • Drink only plain purified water.

  • Walk barefoot and Breathe Deeply.

  • Begin and End each day by saying, "It's great to be alive and I love myself and I love my life."

  • Help someone everyday.

  • Throw Out or Give Away 1/3 of everything you own. Bury your possessions before they bury you....

  • Pray and Meditate.

  • Learn 1,000 jokes and Laugh.

  • Love, Love, and Love more...

By Daniel Mark Hardt N.D.


1 comment:

  1. That was so inspiring to read. I do many of these things but now I want to do them all. Thanks for a good read!!! :)


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