May 21, 2009

Protein Price

Protein is arguably the second most important factor to reasonable health, and great fitness. The very word "PROTEIN" ; means most-important. Now aside from quite expensive Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, how do we get the good stuff we need? Beef is expensive, chicken can get boring fast... So having seen this cool article in Men's Fitness-June/July '09 I thought this would be awesome to share with all of you. Mind you, I think there is only 3... So save money and introduce some variety in to your diet, all while getting the protein you need!

Average Cost of 10gm.s of Protein;
Black Beans $.13
Turkey $.14
Chicken Breast $.24
Eggs $.26
Whole milk $.30
Ground Beef $.34
Ham, Boneless $.40
Cheddar Cheese $.43
Peanuts $.44
Sirloin Steak $.69
Cottage Cheese $.96
Soy Milk $1.26
By; Sara Vigneri

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