May 4, 2009

Ground Work

As I continue to make my way in Parkour, and general fitness as a whole- one thing continues to be a priority for me. Ground work; running is the general idea here. But so much more is contained within this definition for me. Quadrupedal movement in parkour is essential and a difficult work out. Most anyone looks at it and thinks "that's nothing, I can do that easy!" This occurs because it should be easy. Yet it is not... The strain and C/R challenge is surprising and more. The idea that it is easy, comes from the fact that moving on all fours is primal- you did it a lot as a child. So why can't you do it anymore? Simply because you no longer do it. Kinda sad huh?
I do not run as often a I could. I have my own forms of laziness, just like anyone else. I have the best legs in my circles, but bicycling would be tough for me over long distances. Simply cause I rarely do it.
Try these simple ones, and get on with moving. Maintaining simple Ground Work will pay dividends through the course of your life and relationships.

Thanks and Keep Jumping!

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