April 14, 2009

Consideratios on Joint Health part 1

So few of us truly appreciate the health of our bodies. Let alone specific sections. The long term function and durability of the joints is arguably paramount. Long term function becomes vastly more important if you enjoy engaging in any physical activity. All the efforts one puts forth, let alone the long hours endured; if only to lose the function of our joints when reach a mastery of our chosen skill. Time and energy need not be wasted by age and wear. You can, and hopefully will, maintain healthy joint function through the course of your life.

First and foremost is the hardest to accomplish. Minimizing the impact… This is done through caution, preparation, controlled movement, and skilled effort. Do not drop your feet when you walk. Learn how to move, i.e. Alexander Technique, Moshe Feldenkras. Look where you are going, look before you leap, and generally avoiding the stupid things we all do. One must remain eternally vigilant to remain mentally alert.

Secondly is muscle development and maintenance. Work out with good form, within your appropriate weight limits. Push yourself but do not go beyond current limits. Do different types of exercise. If you weight lift; try yoga, Tracuers; try dance. Tango or ballet will be surprisingly challenging for most of us. Stretch. Every day. Do not let go of this type of work out, keeping the muscles and tendons long and alive will pay great dividends in the course of your life. A variety of exercise styles and routines will keep your nervous systems challenged and your muscles growing. Many of you may be familiar with the bodybuilding principle of “muscle shock”. The same principles affect your nerve and sinew tissues as well.

Thirdly, and the primary point of this article, is Supplementation. Intelligent use of supplements of good quality will pay high yields as you age. One of the first questions to address regarding any supplement is bio-availability. Quite simply, most products are just such low quality that they pass without being absorbed in any viable quantity. First and foremost is beef-sterates in tablets. The way that almost all supplement tablets are bound is with ground up beef tissue. Sounds good enough, may even have calcium, magnesium, and glucosamine. The big catch that manufactures ignore, or choose not to reveal, is that all this happens at 150 degrees F. It never gets that hot in you, no matter what your lover thinks. The body can barely break that into smaller pieces, let alone make good use of such materials. This is done due to cost choices, and yes you pay more for well designed and manufactured products. Your body deserves a Ferrari, cough up the cash. It will respond how you treat it… Secondly on bio-availability is source. Plant derived is best. No question, put rock dust in your garden and grow your own. A very few companies do this exclusively. Standard Process being the best. Youngevity is another great source for plant derived minerals/vitamins. After plant derived, is animal processed. Good stuff can come from shells, and bones. You take a risk in the form of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics being given to the animal in question. Little solid evidence concludes either way

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