July 8, 2009

Sleeping Easy

So many of us make choices through out our days that cost us at night. Coffee at 9pm after a late dinner. Really a lot of us do this, late dinner is one thing. The last few times I have gone out, people always end they're meals with coffee. After some not so quiet questioning, servers told me that it is the norm. Even building and timing meals around coffee.
After to much food, more drinks than we probably could make intelligent use of, we top it all off with caffeine. Eating to excess, yep I do this quite a bit- I don't consume alcohol of any kind, nope just don't. We decide to have coffee. Why? Mostly due to realities of going out to socialize.

Having fun and consuming is half the game. Yet excess only makes you glutenous. Everyone has made fun of friends who go to far. Yet we are unable to do this for ourselves. No coffee after 6pm? easy. Most drinks contain sugar and will keep you up, unless you drink to passing out.

So- about solutions. Calcium is really it. Tums, junk chalk, or simple calcium supplements. 1000 to 4000mg taken 45 minutes before you need to be asleep. Drink at least 2 pints of water with the calcium. Chew them up if you can. Now this will work on any night, and it should not be used for more than three nights in a row. If you can't sleep, don't wait until 2am to try this. If you have been lying there 30 minutes, get up take calcium and water.
As always- consult your doctor before making changes in your life.

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